Well done Jarvis, our Leinster Champion!

Well done to the GEN winner of the recent Leinster Orienteering Championships, our M10 Leinster Champion, Jarvis Hodkinson!

We had several other junior finishers on the podium, most notably Aoife McCavana who despite being fastest on most of the legs was let down by 5, 6 & 7 (but then caught up on Roisin on several of the legs after that). Other juniors in action were Paul Butterfield, Hans vanGelderen, Joseph Butterfield, Dexter Hodkinson, Eadaoin McCavana. Well done all!

Of the seniors, podium placers were Pat McCavana, Des Doyle, Mick Kellett and Heather Wood. Well done all!

Go GEN, go!


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