Carrickgollogan (Lead Mines) “Come & Try It” Sunday 16th October

Come and try Orienteering at Carrickgollogan this Sunday (or for an extra challenge come and test your map memory!).

Parking will be at Puck’s Castle Golf Course on Puck’s Castle Lane. Revised grid reference O 232 211, signposted from the R116 (Ballycorus Road). The owners of the golf course have kindly made their car park available for this event. In exchange we will ask you for a donation of €2 per car (for a charity of the landowners’ choice). Please do not venture or allow children to venture on the golf course.

Map to get there is:
GPS Coordinates are 53°13’35.8″N 6°09’18.9″W (53.226609, -6.155258)
Grid Reference is O 232 211

Courses are Long, Short, and Wayfarers, with Short and Wayfarers ideal for beginners. Both the Long and the Short courses can be done instead as map-memory courses, i.e. the competitor receives no map and does a series of loops visiting 2-3 controls at a time, before returning to the master maps to refresh their memory for the next loop. If they feel they can complete the next loop, without going back to see the map, all the better and the more distance/climb you save yourself. But, if your memory fades, before you complete the loop……
– You don’t have to be in a club to take part
– You can take part in pairs, groups or individually

Entry Fees
The usual entry charges will apply €8 / adult; €5 / child, student, pensioner etc.; €20 family group. SI Card hire €2. Start times 11 am to 1 pm.

We hope you enjoy the event.

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